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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The best summer meal - ever.

Simply Delicious

My wife treated me to a bowl of 'Cold China' (literal translation of Hiyashi Chuuka) in New Zealand 13 years ago.  I thought it was okay.

Today, Cold China stands as my recommend for best summer food ever.  Here's why:
  1. Summer means heat - your body demands less food.  
  2. There's a danger of snacking replacing meals, leading to a poor diet and lethargy.  
  3. Enter Cold China, which is packed with goodness.
  1. The noodles (carbohydrates) are boiled for 3 minutes then run under a cold tap to cool them. 
  2. They get moved into a deep bowl and loaded with ham (protein), sliced omelet (protein), fresh cucumber and tomatoes (nutrients).
  3. Cold China comes with a choice of two delicious sauces, which you can pour over cold.  
The taste?  A satisfying combination of fresh and a vinegary-ness from the sauce.

Get some if you can.

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