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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Honda 50cc Super Cub

Simply Beautiful.

The Cub started out when Soichiro Honda clipped a small engine to the side of his bicycle (Simplicity itself).

Like my dad, I own a 50cc Honda Super Cub.   It's the best thing I've spent money on.

I bought my Honda Cub for 200, 000 yen / USD2000 to ride a 20 km round trip to and from work every day.  I was paid a monthly transportation allowance equal to my bus and train fare (about 25000 yen / USD 250).

Petrol cost me 1200 yen / USD10 per month.

In 2 /3 years my Cub paid for itself.

Q: What does 'Cub' mean?
A: 'Cheap Urban Bike'

Finally, Discovery Channel voted the Honda Cub as the best ever motorcycle.

Also, the Beach Boys wrote a song about their Honda Cub.  Check it out.

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